Here you can watch animated shorts and music videos I have ma‍‍‍de since 2011 until now. Be sure to subscribe to my Youtube Chan‍‍‍nel‍‍‍ if you like.

“Cut The Rope” – a stop-motion music video

for the band Russian Bride.

Made during the summer of 2012

“Surfing To Jutlandia On A Toilet Seat”.

Animated music video for the first song on my album “The Jutland Witchdoctor LP” from 2015.

“Attack Of The Homeless Squid-Clowns”

Scary killer clowns attack innocent people in this very short horror cartoon.

“Bob The Beetle”

A cartoon I worked on from time to time 2015-2016. Family friendly and fairytale-ish. Our hero called Bob must go on a dangerous quest to save a friend.

“Friends With The Devil”

Animated music video for track 2 on the EP


“The Pointless Adventures Of Random Characters"

My first stop-motion short from 2011

Music video for "We All Breathe" by Baun (feat. Mhyst)

Music video for "Prince Charming" from my newest project - Excess Fat.

27-02-2018: "Dr. Dingynot and the Little Sons of Bitches"

This is an animated short about a scientist

called Dr. Dingynot, who tries to save a world that

has died and been infected with zombies.