Welcome to my music page. I have been producing music at home since 2007. My musical path has been one of experimenting and changing style often, but most of it is in the alternative category.

I use computers, guitars, bass, keyboards, my voice, samples and drumpads.

Project URLs:


Older HuorrouH releases:


Debut EP from 2013. Songwriting for this EP began 4 years earlier.

There are some emo and mysterious songs, such as “The Conditions”

and “Touched By An Alien”. There’s also the electronic track “Katinka” (which is dedicated to my childhood cat), and a collab with the awesome underground artist Toxic Chicken.


”Starlight” is a venture into electronic music, mostly inspired by the modern rhythms of dubstep. My own favourite track on the EP is “Inside”.     

 I experimented with drum-n-bass beats on the track “Numb”.

Lobit Madness

This EP was made on a computer not designed for making music on.

I am fascinated with old style computer music, chiptune, 8-bit, lobit stuff.

The songs are simple and short.

The Jutland Witchdoctor LP

My first LP. For a long time I had this idea of making an album about a witchdoctor. The witchdoctor seems like such a cool type of character.

The songs on this LP aren’t so personal, but instead tell a fictional story, a sort of fairytale.


EP made in spring 2016, with 4 guitar-oriented tracks. 2 instrumentals and 2 songs. I tried pushing my voice on the song “Fatal Woman”. 

Healing EP

EP released on Bonimedia.pl in fall 2016. It has been called something that will leave you in a WTF state. The genre is alternative rock and the theme of the songs is conflicts and going through a healing process.


The Cursed Kid - End of Empire

An EP of dark, alternative hip hop made during first half of 2017 when I was feeling depressed. This is a project that I will probably never revisit.

I reflected a lot on my own mental issues at the time and the dire straits our world seems to be in.



Excess Fat - The Gimp Becomes A Gentleman

A chiptune EP released in December 2017. Free download that includes a music video

JK Hansen - Best Of

Compilation album of what I consider my best works from all my projects

from 2013-2018

HuorrouH - Heat Waves

A 3-track EP of Rock n Roll / Hard Rock / Synth Rock made in spring 2019.

HuorrouH is back with short energetic songs.


HuorrouH (Alternative Rock) (2013 - now):





Excess Fat ( Chiptune) (2017):

The Gimp Becomes A Gentleman - released on Dog Park Records

Little Brother (Singer-Songwriter) (2015 - 2018):


The Cursed Kid (Dark Hip Hop) (2017):



HuorrouH - From The Vault

Old tracks I made in 2009 and earlier. This is a weird and perhaps

interesting release of 6 tracks in the electro/rock style. You might be able to dance to some of it.

from the vault thumb