The site is up in its infant state. Currently I’m working on a new family friendly cartoon, some music

and a painting.


Updated the site with a new cartoon and added some of my paintings to the Art page


Added my music releases to the Music page.


Added a music video for "Friends With The Devil" to the Animation page.


There's a new HuorrouH EP called "Healing EP" out on


The Art page has been updated with some drawings.


I added some paintings and digital art to the art page.


I recently added a silly stop-motion video called   The Pointless Adventures of Random Characters     It's from 2011, and the first I made, reuploaded.


The danish electronic artist Baun asked me to create a music video for his track "We All Breathe"

You can see the result in this link


I worked together with an artist who calls herself Cloé on a song in the Little Brother

project. You can hear it here .


I added some drawings to the drawings page . Two imaginative faces that I call "Artborgs" and

a drawing made at a lake in my home town, Silkeborg.


New comedy music video for the low bit project Excess Fat is out HERE .

And 3 new digital art pieces are on the Digital Art page


Excess Fat: An EP of 5 chiptune tracks and a music video called The Gimp Becomes A Gentleman

has been released on Dog Park Records. Download free here.


My friend Thomas Skov Olsen and I entered a song-competition by Tarek Bibi.

The task was to write a song dedicated to children who feel different or bullied.

Our entry can be heard on soundcloud HERE .


My animated short, "Dr. Dingynot and the Little Sons of Bitches" is out and can

be experienced on youtube HERE


The Art section has been updated with paintings, drawings and digital art I made during the past year.


I have released a "Best of" album. Look for "JK Hansen - Best Of" at this link on


My HuorrouH-EP called "Healing EP" is now on my bandcamp at

Also I have a new song out called "(bullshit machine)" also on HuorrouH bandcamp.


‍‍The music video for HuorrouH - (bullshit machine) is out!


‍‍I have updated the Art section with 3D-prints from 2018 and new art in all sections. The 3D-prints

were a new challenge for me in 2018 and I hope to make more.


‍‍I have made new music! A 3-track rock n roll / hard rock / synth rock EP:

"HuorrouH - Heat Waves" is out on Bandcamp HERE



‍‍The music video for "Half Mad" by HuorrouH is out HERE.



The Art section has been updated with paintings, drawings, digital art and 3D-prints from 2019


I haven't been very active with my art recently because I have been taking up the old hobby of Warhammer again. If you're interested you can check my Warhammer Instagram for that.

That said, I have released old music that I had forgotten about until I found it recently.

It's called "From The Vault" by HuorrouH and you can find it on Bandcamp.



I have updated the Art section with latest miniatures, drawings and digital artworks.



I put newest miniatures, paintings and drawings in the Art Section.


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